Piflex Flexible Duct (Construction Materials) – online order and delivery

Piflex Flexible Duct (Construction Materials) – online order and delivery

Piflex is highly flexible, lightweight, and quality flexible duct. It is factory fabricated from aluminum laminate with encapsulated steel wire helix. Glass wool insulation is factory applied and sheated with an outer aluminum laminate vapour barrier.

Insulated Flexible Duct

Flexible duct covered by fiberglass insulation and aluminum / polyester laminate jacket. Good fire resistance and pressure resistance along with good thermal insulation.

Flexible Duct

Made of spring steel wire helix laminated with aluminum / polyester film. Self-holding during usage and low wind resistance.  No toxic gases release at high temperature or in the case of fire alarm. Ideal for general purpose use exhaust applications.

We offer all types or kinds of flexible duct and insulated flexible duct products for your house or building construction material needs.

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