PVC Pipes and Fittings (Construction Materials) – online order and delivery

PVC Pipes and Fittings (Construction Materials) – online order and delivery

SewerGuard 8055

One Neltex Sewerguard 8055 can drain floodwater faster than 3 concrete pipes of the same size. This is due to PVC’s smoother internal surface, lesser number of jointing, better sloping capacity, and resistance to both Hydrogen Sulfide and Biogenic Sulfuric Acid corrosion. Using Manning’s equation for computer flow velocity calculation, Neltex SEWERGUARD 500 mm with Sewerlock can outperform three concrete pipes in terms of storm water flow velocity.

PowerGuard 8055

Faster to install because it does not require grounding
Non-corrosive compared to metal utility boxes, so it’s guaranteed to be safer and to last longer
With rust-proof screw plates, with bigger wiring space


Neltex Pressureline Piping System consist of Powerlock Series 8 (Class 150) and Series 10 (Class 100) used for water distribution main system and Socket Type Series 8 (Class 150) used for deep well casing. The Powerlock is available in convenient sizes from 63mm to 315mm nominal diameters with an effective length of 6 meters.

Waterline System

Neltex Waterline offers the widest range of in-house PVC piping system for all your in-house plumbing requirements. Our extensive product line covers pipes and fittings of varying sizes, valves, faucets and even PVC cement.

Neltex PVC Pipes and Fittings
Threaded Elbow
Threaded Tee
Female Threaded Adapter
Male Threaded Adapter
Socket Reducer
Union Coupling

We offer all types or kinds of pvc pipes and fittings for your house or building construction material needs. Eagle, Rosco and Sundex brands are also available.

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